Julai 01, 2014

IBBM renamed as the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers

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1st July 2014

Dear Khaidir  Zakaria

IBBM renamed as the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers

I am pleased to inform you that the Institute of Bankers Malaysia or IBBM which is most commonly known to you is officially renamed as The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers or in short, AICB, with immediate effect.

With this visionary transition that is set to complete over a twelve-month time frame, AICB will take on a greater role from the legacy of IBBM and promises to champion the vision of professionalising bankers by raising industry relevance and standards of its education.

AICB will lead and uphold the esteemed Chartered Banker status where its role as a professional body for bankers is appropriately redefined, its membership structure realigned to the Chartered Banker qualifications, and its learning facilities and environment improved to meet the needs of members and students. On that note, please be informed that the online learning management system formerly accessible at https://ibbm.csod.com has now been migrated to https://aicb.csod.com.

AICB will also extend its market reach to be in line with the growing regional footprint of its institutional members, where a much more cohesive and regional identity will be appropriate. The journey to stay ahead through this bold transformation will see us increase our visibility in the thought leadership space through forums, seminars and conferences. In this context, AICB will serve its agenda of professionalising the profession through the promotion of industry best practices for practitioners, institutional partnership both home and abroad, in line with our goals to build reputation, relevance and recognition.

We value your continuous support and are most grateful for all your contributions, inputs and suggestions. In the meantime, should you require any assistance, please email [email protected] or call +603 2095 6833.

Thank you, and my team and I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Tay Kay Luan
Chief Executive Officer

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