Januari 27, 2014

Alfisti Malaysia Driving Experience

Alfisti Malaysia Driving Experience

Alfisti Malaysia Driving Experience. (formerly known as AROCKV)

When : March, 2014
Where : TBC
Instructor : Faidzil Alang, Fawster Motorsports Sdn Bhd.
Fee : TBC

Limited to 15 - 30 Cars/Drivers ONLY.

Contact Person :

Mohd Shuhaibul Muslimin 012-3731389
Kamarulzaman Sharif 019-223 3881
Nik Mohd Ezwan 019-601 8440
Abdullah Pak Lah 017-297 7734
Khaidir Tuah 011-3292 8711

The aim of these exercises is to educate drivers in:

  • Basic vehicle dynamics
  • The correct systems of car control : seating, vision, and steering
  • Correct braking techniques for both ABS and non-ABS vehicles
  • Skid causation, basic skid control, and skid prevention
  • Raising the drivers level of awareness in relation to speed, reaction times and stopping distances
  • Learn how your vehicle reacts in emergency situations

*All Alfa Romeo & FIAT owners and prospective members are welcome to join*

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